Letter: Differences between groups need to be based on fact

By on November 25, 2009

Robert Florian’s letter about homosexuality references name-calling of anyone who composes a factual letter shedding a negative light on the gay lifestyle being branded homophobic.

There are certainly worse things to be called than homophobic. It’s hardly unusual to be afraid or confused about things we don’t understand. Mr. Florian should really concern himself with how we refer to people who mix facts with half truths and pure fiction.

Clearly, Mr. Florian has a unique perspective and selects his “facts” carefully. Homosexuality may, perhaps, be a choice for some, but for the majority it is not. This is indeed a fact.

The example Mr. Florian uses of a middle-aged person waking up one morning and choosing to be gay defies logic or reality. It would seem more likely than not that a middle-aged person “comes out” after having tried to conform to the societal norm of how he (or she) was raised—to be heterosexual. After years of guilt, confusion, torment, unhappiness, they decide they no longer wish to live a lie. I don’t think there’s a very long line of true homosexuals cured by religion, but those few who claim to be are certainly getting some attention. Perhaps the secondary gain will keep them straight. More likely, they’re just confused and pressured.

“Historically it (homosexuality) has proven to be a lifestyle destructive to the human race.”

I would love to see a list of legitimate citations for this “fact.” It would make an interesting thesis. The human race isn’t quite yet destroyed, but we’re working on it through overpopulation and environmental destruction.

Sorry, but neither of those are really gay-related. Of all the social problems in the world, homosexuality ranks pretty low on the list. I understand the religious condemnation, because people always rail against things they practice in secret.

How many religious or political leaders have condemned the behavior of others while disgracing themselves in private? Were the Great Depression or any of the wars throughout history caused by homosexuality? Did a gay person invent the atomic bomb? Was Hitler gay? How about the leaders of Iran or North Korea or Bin Laden? Is this where we’re supposed to jump to the conclusion that God allowed 9/11 or H1N1 because of homosexuality?

The incidence of suicide is higher for homosexuals. It is estimated that 1 in 3 teen suicides are gay or lesbian. There is a nine-fold increase in teen suicide where the teen is rejected by family. It would be no stretch to realize that being gay is stressful and being openly gay results in being subjected to all forms of abuse. Why would anyone choose to be the object of ridicule when you could choose to fit in, follow the herd and be straight? Is being gay really just the result of bad decision-making?

We heterosexuals win for the most serial murderers. There might be a higher percentage ratio of homosexual serial killers given their percentage in the population, but we win for outright numbers. The reality is that the absolute percentage of serial killers in the general population is so small that this is statistically insignificant. Forty-three percent of serial killers have had at least one homosexual experience, but not all of these were living a homosexual lifestyle (translation—not gay).

Blood banks do not exclude males who have had one homosexual contact from being blood donors. This is a pure fabrication. That would also exclude a number of heterosexual males who likely wouldn’t even admit to such a thing. I’ve been a Red Cross volunteer. There are certain patterns of behavior or circumstances (promiscuity, unprotected sex, drug use/abuse, certain chronic illnesses and prescribed drugs, recent travel out of the country) that may exclude anyone, with hepatitis being one of the greatest concerns.

It appears to me that Mr. Rosko and the GSA have avoided the trap that Mr. Florian chooses to live in. Rather than living in fear and uncertainty and believing in myths and half truths, these kids are trying to right a wrong. Young people sometimes can teach us a great deal about life if we choose to listen instead of judge.

Sadly for some, wisdom doesn’t always come with age and experience. I have been married for 24 years and am the proud parent of two teens. I am not afraid of homosexuals, and my marriage will not be diminished or have less significance because of gay marriage. I choose to be educated and informed rather than accepting what people like Mr. Florian choose to believe.

Robert B. Morgan