Guest Editorial: Give thanks for what we have, not what we may have lost

By on November 25, 2009

Guest Editorial
by Darlene Marcusson
Executive Director
Lazarus House

Lazarus House is always thankful for God’s grace and for the generous support of this incredible community, but never more so than at Thanksgiving this year. So many people are suffering in this tough economic climate, yet despite that, the community continues to rally to help their neighbors in need.

I was recently honored with the Roscoe Ebey award for humanitarian services, and I said at the awards ceremony that the award doesn’t belong to me, but rather to everyone in the community who reaches out to care for their neighbors in need. I mean that with my whole heart. There are many, many heroes in our community, from the retired volunteer bell ringer at the Salvation Army kettle to the toddler who puts their coins in the kettle rather than buying themselves a candy bar.

We are so blessed to live in a community that holds up as its core value caring for others, and Lazarus House is thankful every day to be part of that care. Please know we are blessed to have an additional rental/utility subsidy grant that can be of significant help to those who are affected by this economic downturn. Please call our Outreach Department at (630) 587-5872 to find out if this grant may be helpful for you or someone you know. Helping our neighbors stay in housing is a gift to all of us.

This Thanksgiving, let us all stop and give thanks to God for what we have left, not grumble about what we may have lost, and let us strengthen our resolve to work together as a community to care for our neighbors in need. May God bless you and your Thanksgiving.