Spotlight on: Esai Ponce

By on November 29, 2009

by Alex Vickery
Kaneland Krier Reporter

Kaneland—Esai Ponce has a Rochelle wrestler in a cradle. After struggling for a minute, he finally pins him down. The two wrestlers stand up and shake hands.

The referee lifts Esai’s arm and says “Winner!” The crowd cheers, and the ref says “Good job. Congratulations.”

Ponce has been wrestling for sevens years and loves it.

“Esai has been my practice partner since I was in fourth grade, and even though our weight differences have split, we still stick together,” said Dan Goress, freshman wrestler.

“It’s fun, and it’s good to be on a team sport,” Ponce said.

His biggest accomplishment is taking fifth at state last year when he wrestled a student named T. Zaball.

“My goal for this season is to make sectionals,” Ponce said.

He is preparing for sectionals by going to practice five times a week, conditioning four times a week and working really hard.

“(Esai is) very advanced in his knowledge of his techniques for a freshman. He’s looking to be very varsity ready,” said Joe Thorgesen, wrestling coach.