KHS principal stays another year

By on November 26, 2009

by Susan O’Neill
Dr. Greg Fantozzi, the current interim principal for Kaneland High School, will remain for another school year under the same terms as this year’s contract.

Fantozzi, who retired from his position as Geneva High School Principal several years ago, is limited by his Teachers Retirement System contract to work a total of 120 days during a given school year. The district has been filling in the gaps by spreading out some of the administrative responsibilities among current administrative staff.

According to Associate Superintendent Jeff Schuler, the additional costs to do this, plus the cost of hiring Fantozzi at a daily rate of $600 for 120 days, come out to the same budget cost to hire a full-time principal including salary and benefits. The total cost comes to $128,000.

Initially, the district had planned to conduct a search for a high school principal for the coming school year. However, Schuler said that retaining Fantozzi will provide continuity of leadership as the district works to make multi-year improvements.

In a cost-saving measure, the district has decided not to fill the assistant superintendent of human resources position recently vacated by Schuler.

“We’re taking a careful look at positions as they are vacated,” Schuler said.