Many can benefit from Armory program

By on December 30, 2009

by Kendall Callaghan
Kaneland Krier reporter

Kaneland—The Kaneland Knights Armory is one of the newest editions to our school. This program can benefit everyone in the Kaneland High School.

“(The program started) this year, but we dreamed about it last year. It took a lot of time to get ready for it last year,” Special Education Director Jill Maras said.

This program gives students with individual needs or trouble concentrating with a quiet place to work, study or take a test.

Students who need this program can use it as often as needed. It can also be used during STEN to take tests, and students can also enroll in this program as a class. Classes are usually at a maximum 15 students, but students may come and go as they please throughout the day. There will always be one of the two teachers that run the room in it to help.

This program can help students with concentrating on tests and projects, and teachers can focus on individually helping a student.

Students aren’t the only people who may benefit from this program.

“It can also be an extra set of hands in a classroom, or teachers may send students down to the armory for more help (if the general teacher may not be able to give it to them),” Maras said.