Letter: Everyone has the right to love

By on December 3, 2009

Upon reading that Maine has rejected same-sex marriage, I was angered at the closed-mindedness of the voting generation. As more states take same-sex marriages and rights to the polls, I become more hopeful that one day our country can finally give up on discrimination.

Everyone has the right to love, and no one should have a right to take that away. There is nothing wrong with someone wanting to pledge and promise their love of another. With the amount of hatred that our country experiences daily, what right do we have to determine what “marriage” should be?

One of the main arguments is that marriage has always been considered to be between a man and a woman. However, without change, life today would be nothing like it is. People disagree because that’s how they were raised, and it’s what they were taught. As today’s younger generation grows, there is hope that, sometime in the near future, same-sex marriage will become something accepted nationwide, and that everyone can have the opportunity to be with the one they love, despite sexual orientation.

Same-sex marriage will not harm anyone, and it’s not violating anyone’s personal rights. However, by denying someone the right to marry whoever they want, you’re denying them their personal rights.

Samantha Wantuch
KHS student