Letter: OK to be upset with harder grading scale

By on December 3, 2009

Is it so wrong for a sophomore girl in high school who’s dealing with the stress of school, boys and zits to be a little upset that her grading scale is harder than what seems like everyone else’s? I don’t think it is.

Today in high school, it’s normal for a student to have three to four hours of homework a night. Balancing that with sports, family, extracurricular activities and friends is really difficult. So I think that if a student is doing all of their homework and actually trying, not having a grading scale that can show how hard they’re working is wrong.

Let’s say that a student at Geneva High School and I take the same exact test; we studied the same, got the same questions correct, and we both got our test back at 92 percent. The fact that she could be so excited she got an A and I’m disappointed that I got a B is simply not OK. We both did the same work, both tried just as hard and that person is rewarded with an A.

I propose that Kaneland takes on the grading scale that most every other school in the district has; not only because it would make the Kaneland students lives easier, but also because then it would finally be fair.

Kyle Prost
KHS student