Dec. 19 Elburn village notes

By on December 19, 2008

by Martha Quetsch

Blackberry Creek trash pickup day still Wednesday

            Elburn’s residential garbage hauler Waste Management mistakenly sent letters late last week to 200 households in Blackberry Creek subdivision stating that their trash pickup day was being changed from Wednesday to Thursday.

            The company recognized the mistake after residents called inquiring about the change. It sent letters out Monday to all affected residences and called them on Tuesday, admitting the error and letting people know their pickup day still would be Wednesday, Waste Management representative Lisa Lorenz said.

            Lorenz said Waste Management inadvertently sent the pickup-day change notices to Blackberry Creek residents when it was mailing the notice to households in another town.

Metra proposes more parking, platforms for Elburn station

            Metra is planning parking, signaling and platform additions along the Union Pacific west line between Elburn and Chicago to prepare for future ridership increases.

            Elburn village officials on Dec. 8 reviewed proposed upgrades from Metra including an expansion of the Elburn commuter station parking lot. The parking lot currently has 300 spaces and could be expanded to up to 1,300 in the future.

            Metra also plans to extend the platforms at the Elburn station to accommodate commuter trains with more cars.

            In addition, the project could include installation of a traffic signal at Keslinger and Anderson Road, which may be necessary with an increase in commuter traffic.

            Construction could take place by 2011, if Metra obtains funding for the project through a federal transportation grant.

Village may change garbage ordinance again

            Some Elburn residents believe a new village ordinance related to garbage pickup is too restrictive, and as a result, are not complying with it, village officials said.

            As a result, village trustees except Patricia Romke, said the ordinance should be revised to make it less restrictive.

            Approved in May, the ordinance states that residents may not place garbage containers at the curb earlier than 6 p.m. the day before trash pickup, and must remove the empty trach receptacles from the curb before 11 a.m. on collection day.

            Trustees are considering changing the deadlines to noon the day before for placing containers at the curb, and noon on garbage collection day to remove them.

            The village of Elburn distributed flyers in early summer to let residents know about the new ordinance. The Police Department began issuing warning notices to violators in August, and in November started issuing tickets to repeat violators, which have numbered more than 30 during the past few weeks.

            Romke said if people are allowed to place their trash and recycling at the curb at noon the day before pickup, on a windy day garbage will blow all over the neighborhood. She said if residents believe 6 p.m. is too late in the evening to carry trash containers to the curb, they should place them there early in the morning of pickup day.