Village reviews responses to flooding survey

By on December 12, 2008

Engineers use information to determine causes, potential solutions
by Martha Quetsch
            Elburn officials are reviewing the responses to a village-wide survey to help them understand the nature and extent of flooding that occurred locally during the weekend of Sept. 12-14.

            The village mailed a survey to every household in Elburn in early October, along with their monthly utility bill. More than 300 people responded, Village Administrator David Morrison said.

            The National Weather Service indicated that 10.5 inches of rain fell during the event, far exceeding the normal design capacity of older storm systems, the survey stated.

            During the rainfall, some homes had sewage backup, even though Elburn’s sanitary sewer and stormwater sewer are separate. Village officials said the survey responses will help engineers to understand where problems were concentrated and to quantify the extent of the problems.

            The survey asked residents whether their homes had stormwater flooding, how the water entered the premises, whether their sump pumps failed, whether they have experienced storm water problems before and if they have installed any drainage improvements such as overhead sewers.

            The survey also asked residents whether they also had sewage backup during the rain storms and to what extent.

            Village engineers will use the information from the survey to help them determine what issues need to be addressed by homeowners and what issues the village must address, to alleviate stormwater and sewer water flooding in the future.