In praise of J.R. Herra staff

By on February 6, 2009

I doubt those from J.R. Herra who responded to our call that Friday morning had any idea they’d not eat a decent meal or see their families until the following Monday evening.

What we all thought was nothing more than a routine service call to restore heat to one of the four units at the “First and Shannon Building” evolved into a temporary property name-change to the “Disaster on First.”

It was discovered that a section of the pipes in the heating system had frozen in the face of sub-zero temperatures. Thawing the affected pipe was no easy task, requiring extended hours of crawling through ridiculously tight spaces, then repairing the damage in multiple locations. Every time we all thought things were under control, something else went wrong. The domino effect was beyond belief.

Herra’s technicians never gave up, making sure heat was maintained in the balance of the units as everyone brain-stormed to find solutions to the frustrating and elusive challenges.

Building co-owner Bob Klock of Klock Building Reconstruction, together with myself as an agent for Farmers Insurance, have worked with countless contractors and vendors over nearly the last three decades. It is no exaggeration when I say that the ownership, management and field techs of J.R. Herra, Inc. go above and beyond the industry standard in servicing their customers.

Each of our companies are members of the Elburn Chamber of Commerce, and we all are vested in the Elburn Community. To me, this likely underscores the value of doing business here in town, where folks really do take pride in their work.

Thank you so much to all who were on site. It was back-breaking, tedious work in awful conditions, at the worst possible times of the day and the worst days of the week. If not for your dedication, our losses would have been catastrophic.

Denise Klock