Churches were overlooked in food pantry thank you

By on February 6, 2009

Regarding the Letters to the Editor in the Jan. 29 issue of the Herald, I was miffed by a glaring oversight on the part of the Board President of the Elburn Countryside Food Pantry.

While thanking “Individuals, Scout troops, schools and businesses” who donate to the Food Pantry, no mention was made of the churches of our community who play a large role in supporting the pantry.

I cannot speak for our friends in the other religious communities of our area, but the parishioners of St. Gall have a long-standing reputation for helping the Elburn pantry and certainly deserve recognition for their generosity.

The families of St. Gall conduct a monthly food collection for area needy families. Our parishioners help staff the food pantry. And in the past, we have also contributed funds to purchase essential food items for the pantry. Our support, as I am sure is the case with other churches of our community, is not seasonal, but ongoing.

I find it ironic that the associate executive director of the Conley Outreach Community Services, in a “thank you” letter in the same Jan. 29 issue of the Herald, directly above the Food Pantry missive, would mention area churches while the food pantry head knowingly or unknowingly chose to omit a “thank you.”

In closing, let me point out that this letter is in no way meant to take away from the fine work the Elburn Food Pantry is doing. In these hard times, the Food Pantry does a vital service. And we, as a faith community, are committed to continue supporting the pantry.

Rev. Karl P. Ganss
St. Gall Church