Letter: Looking for a tax deduction?

By on December 10, 2009

While many friends and community members make frequent donations of books, videos and other materials to the Kaneville Public Library for adding to our collections, exchanges with other libraries, or for its annual book sales, many people are unaware of other tax deductible donations that can be made to the library.

Cash donations, paid newspaper and magazine subscriptions, or paying for items from the library’s “wish book” of equipment and furniture needs are obvious examples, but other in-kind contributions can be made as well.

Books, audio and video recordings, computer software and other library-related items are, of course, always welcome, and the library accepts such donations year round, not just in the weeks leading up to a book sale.

The library will accept gently used office equipment such as file cabinets, calculators, typewriters or adding machines.

Art works for inclusion in the library’s collection of paintings and prints are always considered.

Used electronics, such as televisions, video game consoles (with games and controllers), video players, cassette and CD players, computer equipment and printers are acceptable as donations, so long as they are in working condition, are particularly welcome. Non-working electronics can be dropped off at the library for re-cycling, but we ask people to call before dropping things off as storage space is sometimes at a premium.

The library does not provide appraisals for donations, but will provide donors with letters of acknowledgement to help them in calculating their donation’s worth at tax time.

For additional information, questions about specific donations or directions to the library, contact Ray Christiansen, the Library Director, at (630) 557-2441.

Ray Christiansen
Library Director
Kaneville Public Library