Letter: Think before you tweet

By on December 10, 2009

The new craze sweeping across the world, and even Kaneland High School, is Twitter. Twitter is a social networking site that, when used correctly, can be a great way to keep in touch. Unfortunately, there are people who don’t understand the proper way to use it, and update or ‘tweet’ about everything that happens to them in the two minutes since they’ve tweeted last.

I will admit I’m an avid Twitter user. I’m interested in what bands are performing where, and I also follow the Obama account to keep myself updated.

But, I’m sorry, no one needs to know that you have just brushed your teeth. I repeat: no one. It has gotten out of hand; it’s impractical and unnecessary.

Do not fear, though, there is a correct way to Tweet: Appropriate Twitter behavior includes tweeting only every hour, or a greater time span, and posting things such as “I’m going to (insert a place of importance),” “Go Knights/Bears/ Cubs/etc.,” or a light-hearted joke.

And the wrong way? It’s inappropriate to tweet every 10 seconds, or to post things such as the singular smiley face, whatever your cat just did, or that your boyfriend is cute.

So, when logging on to Twitter, really let what you’re about to say sit in your mind. Is it important? Is it relevant? If not, just click off the site.

Think before you tweet.

Madeline Haag
KHS student