Editorial: Community focuses on giving, not receiving

By on December 11, 2009

As the holidays approach each year, concerns are often raised that the season has become too materialistic and commercialized.

Spend any amount of time watching the inundation of commercials and how early in the year retail outlets begin setting up for the season, and it is easy to see how that concern exists.

Yet, read through this week’s edition—as well as many past weeks—and it seems clear that a tremendous amount of our local residents feel the focus should be more on giving than on receiving.

Whether it is children donating their own money to help purchase necessities and holiday gifts for families in need, such as those in the story on page 1A by Susan O’Neill; or the packed house attending the Maple Park Family Fund raffle and fundraiser, like in the photo series on page 6A taken by Martha Quetsch; or the farmers donating money to local 4-H members while waiting for their turn at the Elburn Co-Op, featured in the story on page 5A, it seems as through every week there are numerous examples of local residents helping each other.

It is heartening to see that as needs increase, so does the response from those who can give.