Police investigate gunshot in downtown Elburn

By on December 11, 2009

by Martha Quetsch
ELBURN—The Elburn Police Department is conducting an internal investigation of an incident during which one of its officers discharged his weapon in downtown Elburn the evening of Nov. 18.

Elburn Police Chief Steve Smith said Monday that he expects to conclude the investigation this week.

“No judgement has been made yet,” Smith said.

Meantime, the officer has been taken off active duty, Smith said.

The incident occurred when the Elburn officer was attempting to apprehend a suspect who had fled on foot from the Metra station from a North Central Narcotics Task Force investigation officer, Smith said.

The Elburn officer located the suspect in the 100 block of East North Street and discharged his weapon while in pursuit of him, Smith said. No one was injured in the incident. Smith said because the investigation has not been concluded, he could not say whether the shot fired by the officer was a warning shot.

Smith said that Elburn police officers are prohibited from firing warning shots.

Smith said that once the internal investigation is complete, he will decide the status of the officer’s employment, which could include suspension or termination. If he recommends termination, the Village Board will make the final decision, Smith said.

The Elburn Herald first reported the incident on its website on Nov. 20.