School officials lay out timeline for announcement of budget cuts

By on December 18, 2009

by Susan O’Neill
Kaneland—Kaneland School District administrators, faced with a reduction in property tax income and cuts in state funding, have been working with the district’s main areas of operation to come up with cost-saving measures to reduce a $2.6 million projected deficit in the 2010-11 budget.

Given the magnitude of the deficit, school officials said that “nothing is off the table.”

McCormick said they are looking at cuts across the board, in personnel, travel, staff development, supplies, programs and services. The areas of operation that have been involved in the budget discussions include classroom instruction, transportation, technology, maintenance, administration, support service and food service.

“We’re going to make decisions that we don’t want to make,” Board President Lisa Wiet said.

The result will be a comprehensive district plan for budget cuts, which the administration will initially introduce to the School Board at its first meeting in January.

“The sooner you deal with the deficit, the better,” District Superintendent Charlie McCormick said.

Budget cuts timeline
Dec. 15: Board formally directs administration to
balance the 2011 budget

Jan. 11: Administration introduces general budget deficit
reductions to the School Board

Jan. 25: Administration lays out more specifics

Feb. 8: Public hearing scheduled, during which members of the
community have an opportunity to provide feedback

March 8: Administration identifies personnel actions for
budget deficit reduction*

March 22: Administration’s final report

*According to the Illinois School Code, notices of job cuts must take place in
March in order to be implemented by the end of the school year.