Happy holidays from the Elburn Herald

By on December 24, 2009

From all of us at the Elburn Herald to all of you, merry Christmas and happy New Year.

The year 2009 has been one of challenges for many—a difficult economy has led to an increase in unemployment and stress; and the uncertainty for the future can lead to a bittersweet holiday season.

Yet, we found that as the challenges of the year progressed, we found more and more instances of people focusing more on true value, rather than merely on money and “stuff”—we found stories about people focusing on family and friends, neighbors, those in need—in other words, more people are placing more focus on people and relationships, rather than just on things.

So, as people sit around their holiday dinner tables or gather for their New Year celebrations, we understand that underneath the good cheer there may be a measure of stress or worry.

We hope that many of the stories and people that have shown up in our pages this year can help inspire you to overcome those potentially negative feelings the same way they inspire us. They help remind us what is important, and that true value is not something that is merely measured with numbers.

We hope that as you enjoy your holidays and celebrations, the knowledge of why you are celebrating and the thoughts of what is truly important take center stage.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year.