Letter: Randy Hultgren brings people together

By on January 7, 2010

I have been very excited to be involved with my first political campaign—that of state Sen. Randy Hultgren, who is running for Congress in the 14th District.

Randy has been a friend since we went to school together. I was a freshman and he was a popular upperclassman. Do you know what I remember about Randy?

As a freshman you know how it is, you get teased and picked on and all the rest by those cool guys who know all the ropes. Randy was different. He treated me with respect and encouragement, as an equal. That spoke volumes to me about his character and care for other people.

As a state Senator, Randy has done the same, calling people to integrity and kindness through example. I am convinced that he will offer Republicans and Democrats that want to see change and a new spirit in Washington the best representation possible.

That is how Randy lives his life. Randy also has the proven ability to bring people together, and he has worked for real legislative reforms in Springfield that have reduced government waste and lowered taxes. We need people like Sen. Hultgren with strong values and demonstrated leadership to stand up for us.

Rev. Matthew Elliott, PhD
President, Oasis International