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By on February 6, 2009

Regular viewers of our website,, noticed that following a brief “beta” period, the upgraded version of our website went live on Jan. 29.

Now that we have had a full week to work on the site, we are excited to hear the feedback from our readers.

The focus of the changes were to improve the site’s functionality and design while streamlining its navigation. In other words, we hope our website users notice that it is more attractive to look at, easier to use, with more ways to use and interact with it.

We invite the community to take an active part in adding content to In the past, the process for public comment was time consuming and indirect-the Elburn Herald would publish a story, the reader would read it, and he or she would have the opportunity to submit a letter to the editor for publication in a future edition. Now, users of can comment directly on each individual story, and have their comments posted within minutes of hitting “submit.”

We look forward to seeing our website users become an active part of the community discussion. It is a wonderful addition to our website to be able to turn a largely one-sided communication process into a multiple-party conversation.

Additionally, we have vastly improved the’s search and archiving features. Content can be more easily found with our robust search feature, and past stories can be accessed in any number of ways, from viewing all stories written by a specific staff member to all stories referencing a certain individual or subject matter. Content can be sorted based on what is the most popular, what has the most user comments, among other types of search/sorting features.

Not only is it easier to find the specific content you want to see, but we are able to publish even more of our content online as well.

You will see updates more often and more rapidly, as the navigation improvements occurred on our end as well; those make it much easier, and therefore more timely, for us to publish content online.

Now that we have gone live with the new site, we invite you to visit, navigate around and let us know what you think. Feel free to comment directly on any story you see while you are there.

The overall purpose of the site, and its continued upgrades over the past several years, is to continually try to bring you an improved, easier-to-use product that helps build on your connection with our community.

Now that the foundation of our new site is fully built, we will be able to make changes and add features easily. We invite the public to help us continue to improve and add to the site.

Please provide your feedback to web@

Most importantly, we hope you enjoy the new, because we enjoyed making it for you.