Letter: In support of Fred Morelli

By on January 14, 2010

I want to mention something people in your area might want to know. I recently became aware that a lawyer who has been helping our group pro-bono in our fight to save the Fox River Valley is running for judge there in Kendall, Kane and DeKalb counties. His name is Fred Morelli.

Leaving a meeting, I happened to see the sign on the side of his car and asked him about it. He told me he is running for a Circuit Court judgeship.

I personally know he has spent countless hours, including trips to Springfield and Chicago, on our behalf, and has charged us nothing. He cares about our cause very deeply, and is trying to help us prevent Ameren from running a large transmission line through the forests along the Fox River. I know he has done some late hours in the office making up for the time he spent on us. It is a worthy cause, but there are lots of them, and not everyone takes the time to help. He has a fine ability to focus and sort through the issues. Fred Morelli has represented us well, and his straightforward and honest approach to this struggle has been inspirational.

I think he would make a fine judge and would be fair and even-handed in his approach to administering justice. I wouldn’t write this if I didn’t think so. As I have gotten to know him over the last eight months of our battle, he has been at every single meeting and inspired us to keep going. We are winning, by the way, and a large part of the victory will be because of Fred.

I heartily endorse Fred Morelli’s candidacy, and thought I would let you folks up there know how he has helped us. I think he will make a good judge. Please consider Fred Morelli when you vote, and please do vote.

Twila L. Yednock
Ottawa, Ill.