Letter: In support of John Dalton

By on January 14, 2010

I take my right to vote seriously. I don’t recall missing an election since I became of voting age. That said, I am embarrassed to say that most years I have walked into the voting booth with little or no information about the individuals running for judge.

This is ironic, because I believe that judges occupy some of the most important roles in our society. If judges are not intelligent, impartial and thoughtful, then how can we have justice?

I believe that John Dalton has these qualities and that he will make a fine judge. He is a person of great integrity and—to my knowledge—is the only candidate who has refused to accept campaign contributions from lawyers or organizations that represent lawyers.

Most of us have the good fortune not to have to appear before a judge on matters of great seriousness. If I were to be in such position, I would want John Dalton on the bench.

Fran Cella