Letter: In support of Keith Wheeler, Chris Lauzen

By on January 21, 2010

The Illinois Primary Election is nearly here. It has been a long campaign season, but it isn’t over until your vote is counted on Feb. 2.

Difficult times bring forth the people needed to correct problems. Never have I seen so many excellent new, young candidates willing to serve our state as have come forward this year with the new ideas, abundant energy, and strong moral backgrounds we need to return Illinois to its rightful place as one of our nation’s most prosperous states.

Keith Wheeler is one of these young men. Keith is founder and owner of a small business, a family man with two young sons who wants to rebuild Illinois into an economically strong state, a state which his sons are proud to call home. I know Keith and find him to be a quiet man of deep thought and great moral strength. Keith is the right choice to be our representative in the 50th District.

For Illinois Senate, Chris Lauzen continues to win my vote. Chris has been the moral voice of the Illinois Senate. He has suffered many attacks from Springfield insiders because he believes it is the right of Illinois’ taxpayers to expect honesty in state government.

Chris is that rare legislator who answers letters, e-mails and phone calls. He is truly “the people’s senator.” Please join me in re-electing Chris on Feb. 2.

Dennis C. Ryan