Letter: John Dalton is a man of character

By on January 21, 2010

During this primary election season, there will be a few candidates on the ballot for various elected positions in Kane County, and one race in particular Kane County citizens may look at is the Democratic running for Kane County’s Resident Judge.

The two Democratic candidates people will see are John G. Dalton and Michael C. Funkey. When deciding who to vote for, they will base their decision on who is better qualified and who will be the most fair when it comes to making a sound judgment when hearing a case.

John Dalton is a man of character. He is a man of integrity, but most importantly he is a man of professional and sound judgment. I would like to take this opportunity to speak on what kind of candidate John G. Dalton is.

Mr. Dalton is an accomplished individual who can bring professionalism and experience to the bench when hearing a case. His experience in problem solving, leadership, organization, communication skills and non-partisan integrity is what Kane County needs when selecting its next Resident Judge.

Mr. Dalton will bring more than 20 years of law experience and 10 years of arbitration experience to the bench. With 16 years as a trial lawyer, and now taking the reigns of private practice, is an indication he is ready to take that next step in his professional law career.

Mr. Dalton is doing something that none of the others candidates are doing and that is, he is not accepting campaign contributions from fellow lawyers as this he feels will bring a conflict of interest when he hears each and every case. He also believes that judges who sit on the bench to hear cases should be non-partisan, for he believes partisanship does not belong in the courtroom.

If the citizens of Kane County want a courtroom where both sides of the story are heard and all of the facts are presented and all cases are judged fairly, then John G. Dalton is the man suited for the job.

David J. Ham
Elgin, Ill.