Letter: Ethan Hastert can help turn around our economy

By on January 21, 2010

While Illinois’ unemployment rate surges over 10 percent and the economy stagnates, Congressman Bill Foster and the Democrat-controlled White House continue to propose temporary gimmicks where meaningful reforms are needed.

Recently, President Obama proposed generous tax credits for Green technologies, once again demonstrating his belief that jobs can only be created by massive government subsidy. Tax credits can encourage investments, but why is the government picking winners and losers? Why just green technologies? Wouldn’t an environment of lower taxes for all Americans make more sense?

During the same week, Bill Foster, whose votes subsidize the USPS to the tune of $4 billion annually, delivered packages on a UPS truck but failed to learn the lesson of how free enterprise works.

Unemployment has been skyrocketing since Bill Foster took office. 3.2 million Americans have lost their jobs since the Obama/Pelosi Stimulus Package was implemented. Bill Foster and the Democrats are out of touch with the average family, and their economic policies are products of the same failed entitlement schemes of the past.

In order to turn around the economy, we must first adopt an atmosphere that rewards healthy business practices and encourages entrepreneurship. We cannot tax and penalize American industry with new energy taxes, overregulation and trade barriers, and expect job growth.

America needs to embrace policies of economic vibrancy, not stagnation or decline. As Republicans, we know the solutions are not higher taxes, more regulation or bigger government. The Democrat Health Tax, Cap and Trade and Card Check are a lethal combination to small businesses. Vote for Ethan Hastert (IL-14) in the Republican primary. Early voting is now through Jan. 28 at selected locations.

Allen Skillicorn
East Dundee, Ill.