Letter: When is enough money enough?

By on January 21, 2010

When the voters sent Dennis Hastert to Washington to represent us, he had an approximate net worth of $350,000. When he quit Congress with less than six months left in his term to take a very lucrative lobbyist position—costing the taxpayers of this district hundreds of thousands of dollars for a special election—his net worth was in the millions.

This vast accumulation of wealth while in Congress was partially derived from such things as taking money from crooked lobbyists like Jack Abramoff and creating special projects like the Prairie Parkway, from which he and his friends have all made millions of dollars.

He now wants his son, Ethan Hastert, to follow in his footsteps and represent the district in the same manner. Ethan Hastert has already admitted at a Kendall County Republican Central Committee meeting that, if elected, he plans on taking money from lobbyists. It is also no secret that, if elected, he plans on getting the Prairie Parkway project going again so that the Hasterts and their friends can make millions of dollars more.

A bypass around cities such as Yorkville could be accomplished like Aurora did with by-pass Route 30, which diverted truck traffic, and in this case, could save the taxpayers almost a billion dollars, not to mention how much it would deprive the politicians.

When is enough money sufficient for the politicians so that they start representing people rather than their pocketbooks? We need someone in Congress who will represent the interests of the people, not the interests of the Hastert family. It appears Randy Hultgren is that person.

Jim Wilson