Letter: Kay Hatcher keeps her promises

By on January 21, 2010

I am 96 years old and have lived most of my life in the Fox Valley. I have heard a lot of promises from a lot of political candidates over the years. I’d like to tell you about someone I know who keeps her promises—state Representative Kay Hatcher. She is a woman I trust and am supporting for re-election.

I am a fiscal conservative. I know that Kay is concerned about our taxes, and voted against the 50 percent tax increase. She’s part of the Illinois Budget Reform Taskforce, going through our state’s spending line by line to create a more responsible state.

I am a retired teacher. Kay’s commitment to learning has gained her the endorsement of education leaders in the 50th District.

I am a senior citizen. I have seen firsthand Kay’s life-long dedication to our senior citizens and her devotion to our issues. She is serving on the Illinois Aging Committee to protect our rights, and sponsored legislation to help make us safer.

I am a Republican. I have seen the positive effects of Kay’s leadership as state president of the Illinois Federation of Republican Women and as a Lincoln Fellow. I believe, as most people do, that decisions that create a balanced, healthier community are best made with men and women working side by side.

I am a voter. Please join me Feb. 2 in voting for someone who puts our best interests at heart—state Representative Kay Hatcher.

Identa Austin