Letter: D.J. Tegeler is a true professional

By on January 21, 2010

My name is Elsa Reinke, I am a resident in Geneva. I must say I have never written a letter taking a political position. However, I feel strongly compelled to do so at this time.

I am voting and supporting D.J. Tegeler in his race for Circuit Judge. I am writing this letter in hopes that this will reach the many wonderful people of Kane County who may not know Mr. Tegeler.

Mr. Tegeler is an outstanding attorney and has represented all branches of my family, from nephews, nieces, sister, brother-in-law, and of course myself, as well as my children. I have known many attorneys in my career and life, and Mr. Tegeler is one of a kind.

We have turned to Mr. Tegeler for our legal needs for more than 10 years. Mr. Tegeler goes above and beyond his duty as an attorney, and is a true professional. He is extremely honest and forthright in all he does. Mr. Tegeler gives his all to anyone who knows him. Mr. Tegeler’s legal knowledge goes well beyond my comprehension; he is well versed in all areas and has represented us in traffic court, divorce court and criminal court.

My entire family has always recommended Mr. Tegeler to anyone in need of a fair, honest, intelligent, well-liked attorney who knows the law and his business.

Elsa Reinke