Letter: Sean Michels will make a difference

By on January 21, 2010

I was excited to hear that Sean Michels, candidate for state senator, is supported by my village president, Dave Anderson.

I found out that Sean has the support of a number of mayors: Jeff Schielke of Batavia, Kevin Burns of Geneva, Don DeWitte of St. Charles, Marilyn Michelini of Montgomery, Debbie Washburn of Virgil, and Valerie Burd of Yorkville.

Sean also has the support of retired state Rep. Patricia Reid Lindner, retired County Board Chairman John Church and retired Illinois Supreme Court Justice John Nickels. They are all tired of the same old talk and no action. Each of them want a state senator that will be a voice for our area.

Vote for Sean Michels for state senator, he will work with elected officials to make a difference in the area.

Chuck Liss