Letter: Kay Hatcher is most qualified for state Rep.

By on January 21, 2010

As the mayor of Montgomery, I join the mayors and village presidents of Batavia, Big Rock, Campton Hills, Elburn, Geneva, Maple Park, Millbrook, Minooka, Newark, North Aurora, Plano, Sandwich, Sugar Grove, Virgil and Yorkville supporting state Rep. Kay Hatcher.

I have had the opportunity to work with Kay as a business professional, community volunteer, local elected official and state representative.

As a spokesperson for Illinois Bell and Senior Services, she consistently proved her word is her bond. As an elected official, Kay has always spoken her mind and worked diligently for her constituents.

Kay has grown with the Fox Valley. As elected officials, we all have learned that difficult decisions must be made with the facts you have at the time. When decisions work well, she gives others the credit. When decisions prove other measures should be taken, she’s the first to shoulder the responsibility. That’s the real definition of a leader.

Kay Hatcher is, by far, the most qualified candidate to represent the interests of our communities in Springfield. She brings an experienced and needed voice of calm to the chaos that exists there today. There’s a reason she was named Legislator of the Year. She values results over rhetoric.

I’ll be voting to re-elect state Rep. Kay Hatcher Feb. 2. Please join me.

Marilyn Michelini
Village of Montgomery