Letter: Vote for John Dalton, an honest man

By on January 21, 2010

Imagine that you’re in court, and the judge has just thrown out your case on a technicality. Afterward, in the hallway, you notice the lawyer who argued against your case chatting and laughing with the judge

“Old friends,” someone says, passing by.

John G. Dalton is a friend of mine. He’s running for the Democratic nomination for Kane County Resident Judge. He’s promised me that, if I ever come before him in court, he will excuse himself from the case. All I have to gain by endorsing him is an honest judge. That’s good enough for me.

John won’t take campaign contributions from lawyers, so neither your lawyer nor the lawyer arguing against your case will ever have that edge.

Don’t you want an honest judge on the bench? Then join me in voting for John G. Dalton for Kane County Resident Judge.

Frank Imhoff
Elgin, Ill.