Letter: Court system needs experience, compassion of Robert Janes

By on January 21, 2010

As a life-long dog owner, I am always outraged when I read in the paper or hear on the news of someone abusing a dog. I am even more appalled when I find out the offender receives only a slap on the hand as punishment.

Judge Robert Janes, who is running for the 16th Circuit, is not a judge who takes this type of behavior lightly. A few years ago when a case of this nature was brought before him, he sentenced the offender to jail. Not a fine. Not probation—but actual jail time.

This ruling shows that Judge Janes has compassion for all living things. His ruling ensured that a lawbreaker was punished and hopefully will teach others that this type of behavior is wrong.

Please vote for Judge Robert Janes on Feb. 2. Both his experience and his compassion are needed in our court system.

Debbie Draus