Letter: Keep an honest man in Springfield, vote for Chris Lauzen

By on January 21, 2010

On Feb. 2, voters have a rare opportunity to keep an honest man in Springfield. Illinois Senator Chris Lauzen (R-25th) is running for re-election.

Chris has always placed his constituents’ interests over his own. He has a proven track record. He will not sell us out to special interests. Nor will he lie to us—even when the truth hurts—to curry favor. And I can personally attest to his responsiveness to voters. He has promptly and personally responded each time I have contacted his office.

Unlike many others who falsely proclaim themselves to be “reformers” (remember Blagojevich’s campaign promises?), Chris Lauzen’s indisputable voting record demonstrates his genuine commitment to containing taxes, reducing spending and protecting the rights of Illinois consumers.

Examples abound. Long ago, Chris floated the “radical” notion that our state budget should use Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) to truthfully disclose the state’s financial condition. Two years ago, he voted against legislation that would further enrich wealthy liquor distributors at the expense of consumers.

And during all his time in public office, Chris has refused to compromise his integrity in the face of political pressure and threats from the power-brokers in his own party organization—the same ones who run the Chicago-Springfield “political combine” and have driven the state nearly into bankruptcy.

Our best investment for the future is to keep Senator Lauzen working for us in Springfield.

Al Buchanan