With customers’ help, Walgreens expands its charitable reach

By on January 22, 2010

ELBURN—Following last week’s earthquake in Haiti, the Walgreens in Elburn responded to the crisis by starting a collection of helpful items for the disaster victims.

“We’re asking that people donate diapers, baby formula, hydrogen peroxide—essential-type things,” said the store’s assistant manager, Anton Larson.

The donated items do not have to be purchased at the store.

Larson said customers have generously supported the collection.

“We have gotten quite a lot of items,” he said.

So far, the donated necessities have filled more than 20 large bags that that will go to Haiti. Walgreens employees will transport the items this week to the Haitian Congress to Fortify Haiti, a nonprofit organization in Evanston that has arranged with a major airline to transport donated supplies to Haiti.

Walgreens also is asking customers to donate $1, $5 or $10 for Haiti relief, with the money going directly to the American Red Cross for Haiti Relief, Larson said.

The Elburn Walgreens opened in September at the northeast corner of Route 47 and Route 38. Store officials recently said they plan to help the local community in ways such as offering free health screenings and informational sessions about medications.