D-302 students give generously to Haiti

By on January 22, 2010

by Susan O’Neill
Kaneland—What started out as a simple request for change turned into a donation of over $2,000 to help the people of Haiti after last week’s earthquake.

“It was such an outpouring of help,” student council member Mel Mazuc said.

High School social studies teacher and student council adviser Javier Martinez said he asked a few students last Thursday morning if they thought the other students might want to contribute their pocket change to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Word spread throughout the day, and student council members went to each room at the end of classes to gather the donations. They collected $1,020 in one hour.

The Student Council doubled the donation, bringing it to $2,040. The council raises money through Homecoming ticket sales, blood drives and the sale of T-shirts.

Martinez said he chose the American Red Cross to receive the donations, because it is a high profile agency with a track record, and it will be able to put the money to good use immediately.

He said the Red Cross already had a mission in Haiti before the earthquake, because of the poverty there. The money will go to basic sustenance, such as food, water and medical supplies, he said.

The students have been watching the news this past week for updates on the situation in Haiti. Tommy Whittaker said he was particularly touched by the number of orphans in Haiti.

Mazuc said there was no question about donating the money.

“That’s where it’s needed the most,” she said.

The Student Council Haiti Relief Fund is still accepting donations through the end of this week. Martinez said that if people want to contribute to help the people in Haiti, he would urge them to go to the Red Cross’ website, www.redcross.org.