Letter: Chris Lauzen is a true conservative

By on January 28, 2010

I am writing to encourage voters to remember who their real friend and champion has been in the Illinois State Senate, and to encourage them to be sure and get out to send their message of support by voting in the Feb. 2nd primary election for incumbent Chris Lauzen.

A true conservative, Sen. Lauzen has consistently and honorably represented the hardworking families of his district. He pushes for what is socially and fiscally conservative, even when it means his fellow Republicans become unhappy with him. He is in no one’s pocket, except the taxpaying citizens who want the greedy corruption and “good ol’ boy” games in Illinois politics to end.

The records show that Lauzen has remained true to the people, and his many years of experience combined with his common sense values make him the best candidate to achieve an honest, financially successful state in the future.

I implore the voters of Illinois to make a serious effort to determine the facts for themselves, then to get out to the polls and do the right thing: keep Chris.

Donna Richardson
Big Rock