Letter: Vote ‘Yes’ for the Sugar Grove Public Library

By on January 28, 2010

My wife Jan and I moved to Sugar Grove five years ago to be closer to our daughters and their families. We are both from small towns in Michigan and enjoy the small-town atmosphere of Sugar Grove. We have become active in many volunteer activities in and around our town.

We are volunteers at and very active users of the Sugar Grove Library, and have been dismayed at the repeated failures of referendums to increase the funding of its operations.

We now have a magnificent new facility in operation. The staff cannot be surpassed in their devotion or skills in helping patrons.
The programs being offered are very valuable. Jan and I attended the Super Couponing session recently, and have already saved many dollars from what was learned there. We are registered to attend the CUB session regarding our phone bills/usage, and expect to save money from that session. Where else can you get such knowledge at the sticker price of zero?

We are urging a “yes” vote on the referendum to increase the funding for operating the library on Tuesday, Feb. 2. The savings we will experience from the two sessions at the library will more than pay for the increase in our taxes.

Notice the number of cars at the library on any day. Many more than at the old location. We have heard that since opening, the library has gained many members. This is great, and if we all support the referendum, the library will greatly expand its services, benefiting the entire community.

Vote “yes” on Tuesday, Feb. 2, for the benefit of yourselves, your children and your grandchildren.

Bob Carroll
Sugar Grove