Letter: Win or lose—Here are the facts

By on February 4, 2010

I take exception to Mr. Dennis Ryan’s comments in a letter to the editor in last week’s Elburn Herald.

He should research his points thoroughly before he puts things in writing. I am sure people read his letter and took his misinformation as fact.

Unfortunately, Mr. Ryan has not taken the time to research his points and blames Sugar Grove or myself for many of the issues that we have no control over.

The Mallard Point issue is preying on the misfortune of the homeowners, which should never happen. Sugar Grove, the Rob Roy Drainage District and Kane County are working to develop a long-term solution to a sump pump problem that, for the past 15 years, had not been an issue. This problem started when the area experienced heavy rains in the fall of 2008. Until then, the subdivision was not experiencing storm water issues.

Look at the history of the Big Rock boundary dispute. Sugar Grove has been in Big Rock Township for over 20 years with various businesses that the village supplies water to. Certain people in Big Rock feel that Sugar Grove should de-annex this property and move out of Big Rock Township, which would be a disservice to the existing businesses that rely on village services. These same people wanted to annex over 7,000 acres to prevent Sugar Grove from annexing further into Big Rock.

Do you realize the tax dollars that would have been lost for the School District, Fire District and so forth if this would have occurred? Sugar Grove would much rather have entered into a boundary agreement like it has with all its neighbors to the east.

Unfortunately, you need two sides to talk, and Big Rock did not want to talk. Due to Sugar Grove’s efforts, much of the property has not been annexed so that annexation agreements can still be negotiated.

Look at Sugar Grove’s planning map, and you will see that Sugar Grove does not show any plans for development into Kaneville Township. The update to Sugar Grove’s Land Use Plan was done prior to the incorporation of Kaneville. Sugar Grove met with Kaneville Township officials to preserve an area for the village of Kaneville. It was with the help of Sugar Grove that Kaneville incorporated a smaller area so they could focus on their immediate needs.

To those living in the areas between Interstate 88 and Main Street, don’t listen to Mr. Ryan, he only wants to instill fear in you. The village has no interest in annexing any property in this area unless asked to do so by a developer. Only then would the village annex the property if it benefits the area. One such plan is to improve the interchange at Interstate 88 and Route 47 and to provide commercial development to diversify our tax base. Having a complete interchange would not only benefit Sugar Grove, but the entire region.

Please explain to the two children that almost lost their lives in a horrible traffic accident on Route 56 why our police should not ticket motorists speeding through the village. Nearly 90 percent of the tickets issued in Sugar Grove are to people speeding 15 mph or more over the posted speed limit.

Sugar Grove does not have sole control over the housing market. The Kaneland School Board made a decision to construct a new middle school based on the number of developments that were planned throughout the entire School District, not just the developments in Sugar Grove. It is comical to me that last March, Sugar Grove was faulted for not growing fast enough. Nevertheless, Sugar Grove worked with the School District and the other communities to implement higher fees on new homes to avoid referendums to pay for new schools due to growth.

Builders and Realtors fought these fees, but it was known that taxpayers would not support another referendum to pay for growth.

You cannot have it both ways Mr. Ryan. In the last paragraph you blame Sugar Grove for its failed developments and now you say we are too extravagant. Which is it? Sugar Grove’s business parks are 90 percent built out. The village recently extended roads and infrastructure to attract additional retail and commercial businesses. A new commercial building is under construction, and plans are being reviewed by the village for a new retail center. Sugar Grove has a mixture of housing, from starter homes to high value homes. This mix of commercial, retail, housing and open space make Sugar Grove one of the premier communities in northern Illinois.

Win or lose on Tuesday, I am very proud of the campaign that I have run and very proud of Sugar Grove. I have stuck to the facts and not trashed anyone’s family or made false statements. If my opponent, or his sympathizers, would have shown what projects he was personally involved in or what significant legislation he was able to pass, I would not have run. Since he could not, I only felt it was my patriotic duty to bring his record to the attention of the public, and run a race based on fact, not personal attacks.

Sean Michels
Sugar Grove
Village President
25th Legislative District Candidate