Letter: It was a privilege to run to represent you

By on February 11, 2010

Every election offers each of us the unique opportunity to directly participate in what makes America so special: that we have government of the people, by the people, for the people. Each citizen has the right to make their voice heard at the ballot box in order to choose their representation for the next two or four or six years, depending on the office.

It was a great privilege to have my name placed on the ballot, but it was far more rewarding to meet so many great people and families—the hearts of our communities—along the campaign trail. The outpouring of support from so many different corners of the district was especially humbling. I am grateful for so many of you who took the time to listen to the purpose of the Wheeler campaign, and it was particularly beneficial to me that you shared so many personal stories and ideas to improve state government in Illinois.

Finally, to those of you who offered and gave of your time, talent, and treasure to support the Wheeler campaign for State Representative for the 50th District, I want to publicly thank you for building a truly effective grassroots campaign which actually received the most votes in both Kendall and LaSalle counties. You are my heroes, and I continue to be inspired by your passion and commitment to better government through conservative principles.

Thank you again.

Keith R. Wheeler

One Comment

  1. RM

    February 11, 2010 at 6:53 PM

    Sorry you didn’t win. Our current rep isn’t doing anything (along with everyone else there) to get the bills paid. If we paid legislators last after all the other bills were paid like education and healthcare, they would make an honest effort to do what they are supposed to be doing rather than just wasting time and money.