Letter: Thank you for your trust, 50th District residents

By on February 11, 2010

Public service is both a fulfilling and humbling experience. I’m grateful for the opportunity to represent others, and am constantly reminded that there are many voices, and many choices, that enter into each decision.

Representing the 50th District means balancing the needs of over 100,000 residents at a pivotal time in Illinois history. It’s never been harder, and there’s never been more opportunity to make our state better. Thank you for your trust.

It all starts with those who participate in the election process. Every vote is important, whether given to me or another. It’s the first step toward making our state one we can be proud of again.

The primary is complete, and I think everyone won. Good ideas were fleshed out by thoughtful candidates. Every election success truly belongs to the many friends and volunteers who gave their time, talents and trust to every campaign. The patient family that continues to stick by a candidate is important. Mine is priceless.

During my first year, the state’s books were opened for public review. We cleaned up campaign loopholes and helped a lot of people live better lives. Local residents saw their ideas become legislation.

The state is turning around. It’s because so many of you took the time to participate. Keep doing it. Call our office with your ideas, (630) 553-3223, or go online to ReinventIllinois.com. Thanks again for the opportunity to serve.

Kay Hatcher
State Representative