Letter: Offering support for KHS students

By on February 18, 2010

This letter is in response to a letter regarding bullying by Blake Sowell, a freshman at Kaneland High School.

I’ve read other letters on this very topic in the Elburn Herald. I understand where this student is coming from. I went through it myself as a child, and my youngest son went through it in high school. In both cases, it was stopped decisively and quickly.

However, the rules of engagement have changed. We are now told to walk away. To me, that is running away in slow motion. This also gives the bully the edge. You, being a good student, do not want to cause trouble and get sent to the office. The bully doesn’t care, because he’s looking for attention anyway. You will find that the bullies are in the minority, even though they appear to have people in their grasp.

I have gotten permission from the Elburn Lions Club to use our club house as a safe meeting place to talk. Nobody should have to be afraid to go to school. At our club house, you can meet and talk about your situation. This is open to any student from Kaneland.

I am a Kaneland graduate myself.

Here is my name and telephone number. Please give me a call if you would like to sit down and talk in a safe environment: Chris Halsey, (630) 466-0341.

Chris Halsey
Sugar Grove