WYSE Club compete at Waubonsee

By on February 21, 2010

by Ali Boan
Kaneland Krier Executive Editor

Kaneland’s WYSE Club members participated in a competition at Waubonsee on Feb. 9 that put both their brains and pencils to the test.

The team took second place in the Waubonsee Community College regionals and have now further advanced to the NIU sectionals on March 16.

“A special thanks goes out to Mr. Bryan Kuntsman for allowing his music students to attend the competition, and to all the Kaneland staff for their contributions to these students academic success,” Sharon Beck, WYSE Club sponsor, said. “It takes an entire school to help these students attain the academic achievements, and they realized that at this competition.”

The physics team earned three first-place medals by seniors Kasey Osterello, Jordan Rego and Tyler Thompson. A second-place finish went to senior Eric Dratnol, along with a third-place finish to senior Joe Garlinsky.

The engineering graphics team had a one-two finish with senior Logan Markuson in first and Dratnol taking second, while senior Tara Groen broke a long spell for Kaneland and placed second in the chemistry event.

Tyler Thompson added another first-place medal in biology, and the English team took third place, earned by Alex Morefield.

Finally, the mathematics team took it to the limit with a third-place medal by senior Kevin Krasinski, a second-place medal by Angie Humphrey, and a first-place medal by junior Keara Palplant.

Beck said that strong performances by senior Kevin Hodge and juniors Danielle Thomas and Cara Zagel also helped secure the team’s advancement to sectionals.