Village study proposes water, sewer fee increase

By on February 19, 2010

Board to discuss issue Feb. 22
by Martha Quetsch
ELBURN—The revenue-strapped village of Elburn could boost its budget by $463,200 per year by charging every household in Elburn a $20 base fee for water and sewer service, according to a Public Works Department study that village officials requested.

Elburn officials have been considering boosting revenue by raising residents’ sewer and water charges since the village had to dip into its approximately $5 million reserve fund to cover a $2 million shortfall in its 2009-10 budget. A deficit in the water and sewer fund was a significant part of the deficit in the nearly $7 million budget.

Public Works Superintendent John Nevenhoven issued the results of the water and sewer rate study to village officials in a Feb. 12 memorandum. The memo states that the water and sewer operating and capital funds experienced a deficit of $543,413 between February 2008 and November 2009, a drop attributed to the decrease in water and sewer connection fees from new-home construction.

The village’s water rate for residents has been $2.69 per 100 cubic feet since 2005. The sewer rate of $2 per 100 cubic feet since 1986.

The proposed $20 base fee would be in addition to the fee for usage, which would be based on the existing rates. Currently, the minimum monthly bill for water and sewer service is $10, which includes usage.

The Village Board will discuss the proposed $20 base fee for water and sewer service during the Monday, Feb. 22, meeting.

Village President Dave Anderson said he hopes that the Village Board decides on a water and sewer fee increase so that the village can put it into effect at the start of the fiscal year in June.