Letter: Republican reformation: honest competence

By on February 25, 2010

I deeply appreciate the landslide support that voters in the Republican Primary provided for me and our volunteers. It is a privilege to work for you, and I will do my best for you and your family.

The people I serve just want honest competence from their government. I have learned that constituents will forgive me for making mistakes, as long as I learn from them, and if they can trust that I won’t lie to them and won’t steal from them.

Voters reject “profiteering by politicians” and dishonest incompetence. The clear message, at least in our Republican Primary, was:
• Tell people the truth.
• Serve constituents, not the powerful political potentates.
• Shrink government and restore our pride in traditional American values—enough with the apologies and bowing to foreign dignitaries.
• Bring our jobs back—we must get back to work.
• Do our work, as government leaders, out in the open through persuasion; stop the behind-the-scenes manipulation and coercion.

I call for an upheaval and reformation of the Republican Party based upon the clear message from our voters. Actions that can be taken immediately include:
1) Return the power of directly voting for party leadership to “the People.”
2) Anyone, at any level of government, who is found enriching himself, his family or friends beyond his statutory pay should immediately be fired and prosecuted. Zero-tolerance for self-serving corruption is our standard.
3) As soon as the winner of the Republican governor nomination is identified, Pat Brady, the Illinois Republican Chairman, should resign for interfering and taking sides in this Republican Primary and for doing nothing to effectively stop his predecessor from spending $5 million to attack his opponents (after having promised to monitor and enforce clean campaigning standards).
4) The Kane County Republican Chairman should resign so that we can credibly begin the work of reconstructing a reformed Republican-led coalition of Republicans, independents, and disillusioned Reagan Democrats. “Less government, more individual freedom” will be our objective and slogan.
5) The current Aurora Republican Chairman is already stepping down. The new elected chairman should work hard to rally the Reform Coalition around recruiting and supporting candidates who will practice honest competence.
6) Denny Hastert should return to the U.S. Treasury the $500,000 per year that he is receiving, as former Speaker of the House, to employ three staff members whom he pays over $100,000 per year each and $6,300 per month rent, and a taxpayer-paid SUV for his use … all while he lobbies for foreign governments and private interests. If we, the people, don’t voice our criticism, these wasteful abuses of power will continue.

Republican voters have spoken. We need to conduct a thorough scrubbing of our Republican Party procedures and behavior in order to maximize our appeal to all voters in the November General Election … and to fulfill our campaign commitments in actual public service.

Senator Chris Lauzen
25th Legislative District


  1. term limits

    February 26, 2010 at 9:51 AM

    I am a little tired of reading Senator Lauzen news stories as he is beating his chest. What I have noticed about him is not only is he a bad loser but a disgraceful winner. This is the kind of person that intimidates good people from seeking public office. And was it not this politician that when he first ran for public office promised he would not make this a career. If it is true that the senator is hearing us then why won’t he work on term limits?

  2. jas-patriot

    February 26, 2010 at 10:49 AM

    While I don’t disagree with most of the principles expressed by Senator Lauzen, I find one oddity in the actions list. While one may agree or disagree with direct voting by the people for the Republican Party leadership, today, the Kane County Republican Chairman is duly elected by a majority of his/her fellow Committeemen, which in turn are duly elected by the people of their precinct. Therefore while Senator Lauzen may disagree in principle with the Chairman, his call for resignation based on nothing more than his ideological differences serves to undermine the very Party he is trying to reform. Until such time that a direct vote by the people for all leadership positions arrives, I believe it would better serve the Party to obtain the necessary votes from a majority of his fellow Republicans who are committeemen to change the leadership in a democratic manner, rather than a divisive and unfounded call for resignation.

  3. RM

    February 26, 2010 at 4:51 PM

    Senator – I don’t forgive your past mistakes. I didn’t vote for you. I want you out of office. You have served long enough. Look at the current shape of our economy in this state. Look at what is happening in the schools with regard to funding. What have you done to fix the problem?

  4. Reader

    February 26, 2010 at 4:54 PM

    Senator Lauzen is a hypocrit. There’s been much written (see Trib or SunTimes) about him using his influence to secure football tickets for an important UofI game by going directly to the college President for his tickets. Yeah right, that’s where we all go when we want to buy tickets to a college game. Remember too how long it took him to return some spurious campaign contributions from some rather unsavory characters. Wasn’t until the newspaper started writing about it that he had a change of conscience.

    Senator Lauzen does have some good ideas but has been extremely ineffective over the years due to his bizzarre personality. Watch him work a room somtime– if he sees no political value in a relationship then he becomes very curt and rude and will quickly move on to the next person in a room. Time to replace him.

  5. All talk no substance

    February 26, 2010 at 10:22 PM

    You are being so unfair to the fine Senator froms Aurora. This is a man that you should feel sorry for, not ridicule him as you do. He’s worked hard for the people of the district. Look at all the good things he’s done for the people: got a stained glass window for a parking garage in Naperville (oh wait that’s not his district), tried to get himself a new title as a Kentucky Colonel, tried to add CPA legally to his name, ran unsuccessfully for Comptroller and Congress and brought us Bill Foster because his ego was bruised, his list of accomplishments go on and on…I just can’t think of any more. No you should feel sorry for this man, when he finally retires he’ll just retire as a lowly Senator from Illinois that never accomplished anything of significance. But don’t worry – long after he’s retired he’ll still be feeding from the public trough – after all he’s earned every dime of his state pension. Be nice to Col. Sen. Lauzen CPA he’s come a long way baby!