Letter: Michigan and the United States

By on February 25, 2010

Let’s compare the governor of Michigan and our president. Both of them are Harvard educated, which is not in itself a bad thing. Both of them are extremely liberal. Both of them had absolutely no practical experience in business, either running a company, being responsible for hiring people, or worrying about what stock holders might think prior to gaining their political office. Both of them think that they know what is best for the common citizen.

Now, let’s take a look at how Michigan has been doing since Jennifer Granholm became the governor. For the last 46 months, Michigan has led the country in unemployment. She has increased business taxes that affected over 60 percent of the companies in her state, a majority of them small businesses. She increased income tax by 17 percent without cutting a budget that continues to grow. The Michigan governor spent billions of stimulus dollars in infrastructure that she predicted would create tens of thousands of jobs that didn’t materialize. She also mandated renewable power standards that were backed by government subsidies, adding even more to the woes of the state.

We can now look at the most inexperienced president to ever sit in the Oval Office and worry about the direction of the nation. Our unemployment rate is at its highest in decades, growing at a substantial rate even after he stated we needed to pass the “stimulus” bill to stay under 8 percent unemployment or face Armageddon. What actually happened with the “stimulus” bill was that we borrowed an incredible amount from China to pay for a myriad of pork barrel legislation that did absolutely nothing to save or create a single job.

Next, he is proposing to increase taxes on all the businesses in this country. What, you haven’t seen any legislation for that? You did, but it was in the Bush era and the tax cuts that he got passed are set to expire next year. But you did hear about the “penalties” that Obama wants imposed on the evil, big banks. Those are the same banks that the liberals have been railing against because they aren’t lending to small business. And, these are the same banks that have paid back the TARP funds, with interest, after several of them were forced to take the money.

So, all of the people experienced in business in the president’s cabinet and inner circle suggest—wait, there aren’t any people that have been out in the business world where you have to worry about meeting a budget and can’t print money. So, with the growing deficit that he is creating, we are certainly going to have to increase taxes to pay for his policies at some point or face the devaluation of the dollar, spiraling interest rates, and hyperinflation.

This is just one year into his presidency, long enough for his plans and ideas for America to take effect—and oh what an effect. We all have an example of the direction our country will continue to go if we continue down the path the president is taking us, just by looking at Michigan. I for one don’t want to travel down that path with the president.

What we need is some solid governance with the understanding that the government is not there to create one single job but to create an environment in which the people of America can work, create businesses, find the next technology that is needed without government direction, and continue to be the most incredibly free country that God ever graced the Earth with.

David Selenis
Maple Park

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  1. RM

    February 26, 2010 at 5:04 PM

    Let’s compare an artichoke with an apple. Gee they both start with the letter A. Otherwise it’s all irrelevant. I grew up in Michigan and have family there. Michigan has lost thousands of jobs due to the auto industry’s failure to keep pace with Honda, Toyota and other imports. Michigan has lost a lot of industry to the south and to Mexico because industry doesn’t want to deal with the unions or pay a living wage with benefits. Granholm isn’t so liberal. The teacher’s unions don’t like her.

    Contrast that with the federal government. Under Bush we had unfunded prescription coverage for seniors and an unfunded tax cut for the rich. Please explain how increasing spending while decreasing revenue creates anything but a disaster. If it wasn’t for the actions of our current President we would be in a depression that made the last real depression look like a picnic. He stopped the hemorrhage or at least slowed it down significantly and kept the country from falling into an abyss. Jobs are slowly coming back. There is a recovery. It won’t be fast and it shouldn’t be. Just like weight loss – slow and steady lest you rebound.