Progress made on Ravlin stormwater management

By on February 26, 2010

by Susan O’Neill
Kaneville—Significant progress is being made with the stormwater management of the Ravlin Subdivision, thanks to the efforts of three residents. Once the contractor, Tree Service Co., removed the 10 trees from the ditch in the subdivision, Dale Pierson, Don Angell and Gary Koehring volunteered their time and Pierson his equipment to clear the brush and other debris that had been causing the subdivision’s drainage problems.

“It’s made a big difference,” Village President Bob Rodney said. “They did one heck of a job.”

JULIE will survey the entire drainage route before the tree service comes back to grind down the tree trunks and clear the trees away.

It’s been a major endeavor that has not cost the residents additional money in taxes, Rodney said.