Lions announce calendar raffle winners

By on February 25, 2010

Elburn—The Elburn Lions announced the February winners of their year-long calendar raffle.

Winners include Larry Breon of Batavia, $25; “Tar and Fish” of Elburn, $25; “Rob and Tom” of Elburn, $25; Steve Sturseth of Elgin, $25; Carol Herra of Elburn, $50; John Healy of Mt. Prospect, Ill., $25; Steve Lillie of Geneva, $25; Kennedy Barshinger of Lee, Ill., $25; David Gould of Maple Park, $25; Frank and Fran Modelski of Darien, Ill., $25; “Butch and Jan C.” (no town listed), $25; Michelle Zwiezen of Elburn, $50; Ken Hall of Maple Park, $25; R. Randall Norris of Elkorn, Wis., $100; Lisa Graham of Elburn, $25; Jody Sartain of Bristol, Ill., $25; Chad Cotti of Appleton, Wis., $25; Roger Vernon of Aurora, Ill., $25; Rachel and Brady Myers of Pierre (no state listed), $50; Joe Medernach of Sycamore, $25; John Regner of Hales Corners, Wis., $25; Janet Edson of Plainfield, Ill., $25; “Rob and Tom” of Elburn, $25; Art Swanson of Elburn, $25; Eric Marks of Crystal Lake, Ill., $25; Pam Hall and Tom Reynolds of Maple Park, $50; Tabitha Miller of Batavia, $25; and Richard Kozlowski of Batavia, $25.