March 5 Village notes

By on March 5, 2010

Kaneville gathers info
on waste haulers

Kaneville—Kaneville officials are still in the information-gathering stages of considering a contract with a waste hauler for the village.

Village Board member Rick Peck is drafting a request for proposal and obtaining some unofficial quotes from several vendors.

According to Village President Bob Rodney, Peck’s preliminary information showed a small savings for each household, but the larger, long-term savings would come in the elimination of 50 percent of current truck traffic, resulting in less wear and tear on the roads.

Kaneville contemplates snow plow contract
Kaneville—The village of Kaneville is conducting a preliminary exploration of other contractors for next year’s snow plowing. Since the incorporation of Kaneville in 2006, the village has had an intergovernmental agreement with Kaneville Township for its Road Commissioner to plow village streets.

However, after some of the more recent snow storms, the village has received several complaints from residents about the service, especially those living on cul-de-sacs.

According to Kaneville Village Board member Paul Ross, there is a 90-day cancellation clause in the agreement, so any changes would not take place until next winter. Once the scope of work has been clearly defined, the village could put the job out to bid.

“We’re just getting some preliminary numbers and defining the scope of work,” Ross said.

Book Nook Cafe seeks off-site signage
SUGAR GROVE—The Book Nook Cafe owner Janet Lagerloeff hopes to place a sign directing motorists on Route 30 to her cafe within the Sugar Grove Public Library, but village officials are concerned with the precedent it would set.

The sign would be considered off-sight commercial signage, something the village’s current signage ordinance does not allow.

Lagerloeff, who also owns The Catering Gourmets in town, opened a sit-down concession within the library when the new building opened, where patrons may buy coffee and tea, light breakfast and lunch. Lagerloeff said she wants to communicate to more people that The Book Nook Cafe is available and where it is located.

“Most towns do not allow off-site commercial signage,” Village Administrator Brent Eichelberger said on Wednesday. “That’s why frontage on a busier road is more expensive.”

The issue will come back before the Committee of the Whole at a later date.